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Commercials and Filmmaking

Here is a special page where you'll be able to find my work as a Director in commercials and other types of videos but also my projects as Director of photography and Producer. Extreme sports and trips are my main areas but you can also find advertising work.


The last two years have been rich in terms of adventure. As I decided to create a new type a service linking poetry and beautiful landscape around the globe, I also became a Frames Dealer filmmaker.

Here is four videos of  resuming our journeys.

This is mainly my work as Director of Photography and Editor. Those were non scripted films and non fictional work. 


Following Pierre's dream, four men went to discover the Alaska's state with the hope to see the biggest brown bear on earth : Kodiak Bear.

Canyoning Reunion Island

An extreme video following Jérôme Durbet in the Réunion's most impressive canyons and treks. 

Jordan Trail

Two friends walking from the south to the north of Jordan through stunning landscapes and architectural wonders. 

Project Norway

An epic journey through Norway under a neverending sun. The story of four men walking and experiencing the arctic circle.

Kyokushin Karate

I practiced kyokushin karate for a long time. As a young filmmaker I had the opportunity to work several times on huge events such as the French championship and Bayeux's open tournament but also to direct few commercials for dojos in France and in the United States of America.

While The Martial Ways and Kyokushing Cross Training are scripted and commercial videos, the tournament videos are edited recaps of those competitions.

Kyokushin Cross Traning

A video about Kyokushin Karaté and its association with crossfit as perfect combo to train great fighters.

Bayeux Open

Following ACBB and Tokusentai fighters at the open weight category tournament in Bayeux.

French Championship

Best french fighters confront in the largest french kyokushin event of the 2021.

The Martial Way

Have you ever wanted to experience spirituality, tradition and full contact all mixed in one Martial art? This is what Kyokushin Karate stands for... The strongest Karate.

Commercial and Corporate work

You'll be able to find here some of my work a Director and Producer for ads, commercial and corporate work. 

I'am now Director for the famous firm KPMG. This is giving me to opportunity to create a lot of corporate content, commercials, interviews etc... 

The Tutorist

A brief commercial about a Netherlands startup called Thetutorist. 

Process Mining

A short advertising about an audit digital solution (Process Mining) in the big firm KPMG.

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Showreel KPMG

New Director showreel for the KPMG firm. Video coming soon.

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