Director, Screen writer and Producer,

At the age of 21, Simon left France and all he had built there, looking for new challenges. His main goal was to see how the film industry was like in New York City, that’s when he decided to increase his filmmaking knowledge and left France for the United States of America.

He mainly worked on the production side and seized his opportunity to build strong relationships with both French and American professionals.

In April 2018, Simon took his shot and made OUT IN THE WOODS with his Franco-American team. The following year he also directed two other projects : a promotional video for the biggest Karate Kyokushin dojo in the North America and his brand new short film THE DREAM EATER…

OUT IN THE WOODS and THE DREAM EATER now done with the festival circuit after being largely selected and rewarded, Simon came back to France with a lot of experience from his work on features and tv shows in NYC but also from his short films.

He is mostly interested in the independent cinema, trying to find his place among the modern film industry within the genre he likes the most: the horror/fantastic kind.

Simon is now creating new kind of content with his own gear in the extreme sports' field, commercials and corporate but he also keeps writing and preping new short and feature films in association with his agent Lise Arif...